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Allow Subscriptions to be Dependant

We have found that a few of our contacts would like to receive emails on a scheduled basis, rather than a category basis.

Our ideal solution would be to create a "One Email per Month" subscription.

We would allow contacts to only select that "One Email per Month" subscription, and be removed from all the other Subscription categories. If they selected any other category, they would be removed from the "One Email per Month" subscription.
Right now, they can select 'One Email per Month' and other categories, negating the ability for us filter them via subscriptions.

This could be accomplished by allowing some custom javascript in the landing page or the unsubscribe form.

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If some custom js would solve this then you may be in luck. Net-Results Landing Pages allow for custom js to be added.

Is your subscription preferences page a Net-Results Landing Page?


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  • AdminNet-Results Product Team (Admin, Net-Results Marketing Automation) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Apologies, but the option is not at all well labeled or obvious. We have plans to improve this...

    Navigate to the landing page builder with the applicable landing page loaded. Click on the "Google Analytics" button in the top nav bar. The dialog that opens allows you to not only add Google Analytics tracking code but any custom javascript you desire.

    You will need to surround your custom js with <script></script> tags. You can load jQuery or other frameworks if needed. We can supply sample code and likely can help with the details of implementing the solution you're after as well.


  • Daniel commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    yes it is a netresults landing page :)
    How would I add the javascript?

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